About Us

Here @ Scratch Catering

We prepare everyday family style meals made from scratch, that are never pre-packaged that sit for hours on a shelf, in a refrigerator or in a delivery truck, but rather food prepared the morning of, then delivered and served fresh to your child(ren). Imagine that, a friendly and knowledgeable server who can describe how the food is prepared and the ingredients of every dish. We also cater faculty luncheons, group or athletic functions and fundraising events.


Taste Matters

Why go through all the trouble of making everything from scratch? Because taste matters. Children will eat foods that taste good. Once they eat something they like it becomes their “favorite”. We know that when we make our marinara sauce with fresh diced onions, minced garlic, hand crushed roma tomatoes, fresh chopped herbs and slow cook it for four hours into a gravy like consistency, it has to taste better. We believe that if you start with better ingredients you will end with a better product. All of our recipes have been kid and parent taste-tested.


We have always maintained a Health Dept. grade level rating of “A”. We pride ourselves with having personalized, hands-on service.

Our employees are trained in food safety and 80% are certified food handlers.


Menus and Nutrition

Our menu fits many palates and our dishes are comfort food that’s been contemporarily updated. Think fried chicken spiced with fresh herbs that’s now oven baked, or potato salad made with olive oil instead of mayonnaise. We will also have recognizable ethnic dishes (chicken stir fry, beef tacos, or chick pea hummus sandwiches). The variety will also include thoughtfully vegetarian meal options.  Whenever possible we will bake, not fry and we will substitute ingredients to reduce fat content without sacrificing taste. We will liberally use fresh herbs and spices for flavor without being overbearing.